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Permissions / HMD

So as not to clutter up the top of her journal, sticking both in one post! Comment here if you have any concrit about Mileina-- anon is on and IP logging off.

onto the permissions!Collapse )

Phone contact post

"Hello, this is Mileina! I'm a little busy right now, but please leave a message and I promise that I'll return your call!"

phone call | text | picture | video | IM | she's from the future okay it probably makes breakfast

[ Phone number is private, available to friends ]

[ rl with pearl ]

[ it would have been easy enough to get Pearl hopped right into Lagrange, but the shuttle ride from the orbital elevator served as a nice transition. Strapped into the passenger seats, the two girls can still look out the windows, and Mileina squeezes Pearl's hand reassuringly ]

We're almost there, Pearly! It might be a little startling, but everything is going to be all right.
I didn't want to make a big fanfare about it earlier because everyone was so troubled about the virus, but now that it seems to be well and truly over, I can post about it!! We just passed the international date line which means that today is my birthday and I am fourteen years old!!!

31. [ locked to tieria ]

Mr. Erde, I have a very important matter to ask you about, so please respond to this promptly!

30. [ locked to Gundam crew ]

Um, first off, Mr. Erde, please sit down! Also please don't be drinking anything.

I'm really quite serious!

And, I don't mean to alarm you, Papa has a whole team searching for the cause of this, and he's confident that... actually he's confident that this is "more community fiddlesticksassery" (although he didn't say that exactly), which would be very good, because it would mean it was temporary...

But anyway, the point is that Kyrios seems to be, well, slightly missing at the moment! Or all missing, actually. So we await your orders as to what course of action to pursue!

29. [ accidental video ]

[ Mileina is watching something on her ~future handheld computing device~ as a Haro rolls up to her; she's biting her nails, and lets out an 'oh, fiddlesticks!' before noticing the Haro ]

Oh, hello! Does Papa need-- [ but then she peers closer and shuts down the video, bringing up the community page instead ] You're recording! I was waiting for a testing opportunity-- follow me, okay?

[ she bounds off her bed and out the door, beckoning the Haro to follow; he does, rolling along the ground, making the video rotate nauseatingly. Just down the hall, she approaches what other Lagrange residents might recognize as the hangar doors, and opens them to walk through--

and the video goes to static, with all you can hear being garbled voices and beeps. After half a minute of this, the video refocuses, this time on Mileina kneeling down in front of the Haro in the hallway ]

Please feel free to ignore that, everyone! I was just testing some encryption codes, and I needed a proper accidental post to test them with!

28. [ RL with Karkat ]

[ The Vashtis keep up a safehouse in the suburbs of Warsaw, a brick terraced house that has (fake) flowers in the window boxes and generally gives an air of generic homey-ness. Unlike some safehouses (Setsuna), it's fully furnished, albeit unusually organized, because no one actually lives there; but Mileina's made a movie-watching sanctuary in the living room. There are brightly colored pillows and a plush throw on the couch, and she's placed a selection of snacks and drinks on the coffee table.

(Actually, she had told Tieria to make the snacks, because he was generally being grumpy and clearly needed something to do!!! She had discreetly called her father and asked him to make up something to ask Tieria about that would keep him occupied, at least while Karkat was arriving, so as to not scare him off, so Tieria was currently upstairs on his phone, debating some aspect of the new blueprints.)

Anyway, after Karkat had been worldhopped directly into the living room, so as to not cause mass panic on the streets, she greets him excitedly, a pillow shaped like an octopus in her arms ]

You made it safely! I hope that you like the snacks I have, I completely forgot to ask what trolls eat!


I remember the virus this time... how exciting!! Perhaps the community thought that I wouldn't be spoiled very badly? There are a few details I don't remember very well... the casting and design of the movie is clear in my mind, but I'm a bit fuzzy on the overall plot. But I was really paying very close attention, so I suppose it was on purpose! Mr. Larsa, don't tell me anything you remember about the movie, all right?

And I can't believe it... I was right about Mr. Edgeworth and Mr. Wright in the end! At least, I think I was! It seemed very clear to me, and their daughter was just the most adorable thing! I can't wait to meet her again!

In any case, it's a lot of fun to know that I'm going to grow up to be a real young lady soon!